COMPETITION: Saturday 26th August – 2nd Qualifying Round Club Championships:

Morning Draw: Please report to Pro Shop 15 minutes before your tee time.

1st Tee Morning: 

8.00am P McCaughan B Eades I Whitehead T Urquhart
8.06 K Edmonds M Nidd B Stewart G Shannon
8.12 G Cox P White D Tuohy D Burmeister

 10th Tee Morning

D Baines

8.00am R Lowry D Baines
T Hennessy
G Finlayson
 8.06 G Beijersbergen
P Wahanui
P Toa
G Burrell
8.12 I Heap
B Mehrtens
R Young
K Williams
8.18 M Watchorn
G Piets
J Bielski  

1st Tee Afternoon:
If you are not in the draw and wish to play in the draw, please contact the Pro Shop.

11.30am G Worsley L Welsh D Humphrey G Wood
11.36 D Belcher R Buick H Perry B Keightley
11.42 P Ward C Lally  J Hocken R Howie
11.48 P Rooney B McKelvie
K Orr
D Ives
11.54 P King M Harley Damien Humphrey R Hunter
12.00 D Roxburgh T Bird Ian Measey S McIntosh
12.12 V Tanner D Matthews D Flanagan T Schroder
12.18 R I’Anson V Napier G Williams R Rooney
12.24 C Clark B Wright B Stephens 

10th Tee Afternoon

11.30am M Atkins L Finlayson Ben Anderson D Walker
 11.36 B Perry J Humphrey T Boxall T Ward
11.42 W White P Hunter P Thompson N Anderson
11.54 P Early R Te Mataki B Riordan E Ward
12.00 B Green J Brindle Brent Anderson
12.06 M Wilson J Dickins D Webb S Mitchell
12.12 K Small A Deihl T Morgan K Davies
12.18 B Allan P McDonald M Plimmer S Lochhead
12.24 M Parlane S Cox C Broadbent
12.30 G Baker
R Early
B Humphrey
J Ireland