Club House Project

Work on the inside of the clubhouse is steaming along at a great rate and a huge thanks goes to the guys who have volunteered their time to make it look this good. Terry Burgham, Terry Bird, Pat White, Vince Tanner, Tom Lovejoy and Royse Hooker and Allan Lun are doing a fantastic job. The way it is going another two weeks looks like getting it completed.

The two colour mix really brightens the place up and along with the ladies efforts in setting up for the Premier Challenge topped off the look for the couple of days. We are going to look into the cost of painting the ceiling, but no promises here.

Next couple of parts to complete the job are new flooring around the bar area replacing the red vinyl, and looking at table tops. Thoughts on this are approaching members to sponsor a table top for approximately $120 and having their name on a badge attached to that table to fund the cost. Any thoughts are welcome.

We welcome bookings for any event to make use of the new look.

clubhouse1 clubhouse