Tournament & General Play

Opening day (approx. middle of February) and Closing day (November) mark the Season in which most Club cups, matches, etc. are undertaken. An Automatic Draw for men is available at the start of each Season allowing you to be automatically drawn in a foursome each week. Once junior boys have reached a reasonable standard of golf and wish to play competition golf, they are able, when they have received approval from the Men’s Club Captain, to join this draw. The draw is made up by the Club Professional, or Club Captain and can be joined at any stage of the Season. Automatic Draw for men is Saturday.

Once Junior Girls have reached a reasonable standard of golf and wish to play Competition Golf, they are able, when they have received approval from the Ladies Club Captain, to join this draw. Ladies club day is Wednesday, and Saturday for working ladies as mentioned in the Programme booklet.

Juniors have a regular weekday coaching session on a Tuesday. For the more advanced Juniors we have Sunday morning golf at 9.30 a.m. There are some weeks when other fixtures on the course make it impossible to accommodate the Juniors – i.e. Queens Birthday Weekend Tournament, Pennants and Palmanui fixtures at Feilding, Mixed Foursomes Tournaments, etc. Please read your Programme Booklet which is subject to change, but changes are usually advised in advance.

On joining the Club, a handbook is provided with dates and events during the year. To enter a specific event, a starting sheet is placed in the locker room, in the downstairs foyer, in the pro shop or the junior notice board. Place your name on the sheet and pay any money (if required) to the Club Secretary or organiser to enable you to participate. If completion of rounds is not undertaken by set dates the match will be forfeit.

The Game

Our Club has a resident Professional golfer performing multiple functions. As well as attending to club draws (with the Club Captain), the “Pro” can give correct advice on all aspects of the game including the correct gear. If you wish to improve your game or are uncertain as to which clubs, etc. to purchase, Don will put you on the right track. You will receive much advice from many members as to how to hit the ball better, but for correct and instant results the Pro is the only person qualified to show you how. Teaching clinics for Juniors are run by Don or private lessons are available at your request. Despite what a lot of golfers think, you will only get better by receiving professional tuition and practicing as well as playing. Always remember that the best players in golf had lessons and worked very hard at their game. No one has ever become a “world beater” overnight.


Etiquette on the course is very important to learn. Finer points will be picked up as you play more golf but a basic list is as follows:

  • Never tee off if players are on the fairway within reach
  • Replace all divots (clumps of grass)
  • Do not pull carts between bunkers and greens
  • Rake bunkers after use
  • Play in turn on tees and greens
  • Repair all pitch marks on greens

Practice Fairway

Members only or by arrangement with the Professional. Please obey the signage.


A reasonable standard of dress is required both on the course and in the Club House. A shirt with sleeves, dress shorts, trousers or skirt/slacks are expected. NO ALLOWANCE is made for the following:

  • Rugby shorts or rugby jerseys
  • Singlets
  • Touch rugby shoes
  • Jandals or sandals, etc

either on the course or in the Club House. Please respect this set of rules.

Right Of Way

The Green keeper always has the right of way over members. Please respect this when the Green keeper or his staff are on the course.


The Slope handicapping system is designed to enable all players to play each other on a “level playing field” allowing for differing abilities. Learning how to fill in the card, score points, shot holes and handicaps work will be explained by the Junior supervisors, members of introduction groups, or players that you have rounds with.

Remember to enjoy your golf. If you have concerns regarding any points of your game, or wish to play a round of golf, please don’t hesitate to contact any of the Men’s or Ladies Committee members (found in the front pages of the Programme booklet). The 2011 Programme booklet will be available from Mid February 2011.

For information regarding junior coaching sessions, contact the Club’s professional:

Don Finlayson Club Professional
Phone 06 323 5976
Colleen Hooker Junior Coordinator Sunday
Phone 06 323 4712
Rebecca Ward Junior Coordinator Tuesday
Phone 06 323 7818