Our History

More than 110 years ago a party of English cadets learning farming in colonial New Zealand, mapped out a nine-hole golf course on land known as the Lethbridge Estate (now bounded by Glasgow Terrace).

In 1906 following an enquiry for land, land was offered on Awahuri Road for playing rights. The entrance to these links was a gateway at the end of Kawakawa Road, opposite Kitchener Park.

About 1911 the Club transferred to Aorangi (present site) and a small shelter was built by members and this served as a clubhouse. Membership at this time was about 40 men and 20 ladies. In 1914 it was decided to negotiate for the purchase of 15 acres of land at 40 pound an acre and lease of 45 acres with a purchasing right of 15 pound an acre. The leased land was practically a wilderness and covered with toi toi and lupin. This is now the 7th and 16th fairways. A branch of the river was near the present 9th green and flowed in front of the clubhouse and to the left of the present 1st & 10th fairways. Reclaiming the land from the river was a herculean effort.

Up to about 1950, the course was grazed with sheep. The grazing rights were let for some years but later the Club purchased its own sheep. This proved very profitable with annual profits of up to 300 pounds a year. When finances improved sheep were replaced by gang mowers a substantial forward move in the Club’s history.

In 1960 more land was purchased to give the club the course of today. The course has had more than its share of floods, one in May 1958 had water at the rear of the old tool shed about 2 feet deep, the 11th & 12th greens submerged. The stop bank along the river’s edge was later built. The last two floods were in 1992 and 2004. The 2004 flood hit just before the Club celebrated their Centennial in the April and a huge amount of work was done by members and staff so that the course was playable over 12 Holes for the 18 Hole Centennial Classic.

The current clubhouse was built in 1968-69 for a cost of $50,000, and the first full time Secretary employed in April 1969. The clubhouse was extended in 1983 and this area upstairs is now the Golf Shop. The new toilet block at the Entrance Way was added and major works on the car park also completed for the Centennial held over Easter 2004.


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