Membership Fees For 2020

  Annual Monthly
(52 weeks)
Individual (Unlimited) $890  $111.25  $17.12
Married Couple (Unlimited) $1660 $207.50   
15 Rounds $525 $65.63  
9 Hole $525 $65.63  $10.10
Individual (U/35) $525    
Intermediate (U/25) $325    
Junior (U/19) $100    
Summer $395    
Social $20    


Summer Membership

Summer Membership is available from 1st October to 31st March each summer.

If a Summer member wants to convert to a Full Playing [Unlimited] membership, then a discount of $140 will be applied to the Unlimited subscription rate ($70 for 9 Holer), provided that the balance of the subscription is paid in full by the 15th March.

Social Membership

This allows the Social member to use all the facilities at the club, but does not entitle the Social member to play golf.

Payment Of Subscriptions

The subscription may be paid in full, please discuss other options with the Secretary.

Regular payments by Automatic Bank Authority, are to be paid in full by 30th September each year or a $30 Administration fee will apply – this is to be arranged with the Secretary.

Membership Cards

Under the requirements of the Sale of Liquor Act, Club members are required to carry a Membership Card. These are supplied on payment, or part payment, of your subscription.

Membership Form


Full Christian Names:

Postal Address:



Email Address (for Newsletters):





Membership status Applied for:  

Date Of Birth junior members only:  

I agree to terms and conditions. Hereby consent to the above nomination and agree to abide by all Rules & Policies of the Feilding Golf Club (Inc). I hereby consent to the publication of my name and telephone number in the Feilding Golf Club’s annual Programme Booklet (approval for this is required under the terms of the Privacy Act 1993). This application for membership will be placed on the Club Noticeboard and considered by the Board of Management. Until such time that you have been accepted, you are granted honorary playing membership.