Life Membership is the highest award available to recognise the distinguished and exceptional contribution of individuals to Feilding Golf Club Inc over an extended period of time.  

This document sets out the procedures and policies which are applied by the Board in their consideration of Section 22.4 of the Rules of the Feilding Golf Club Inc.


This award exists to recognise the valuable contribution of individuals to the current and future existence of Feilding Golf Club Inc.

This policy sets out the recommended criteria to be eligible for nomination for Life Membership of the Feilding Golf Club Inc. and the procedure that will take place to award a life membership.


When considering Life Membership, the service must be in regard to the Feilding Golf Club Inc, Manawatu Wanganui Golf, or NZ Golf.

    • Any current financial member of the club can nominate any current or retired member.
    • A nomination form shall be filled out and presented to the board no less than 8 weeks prior to the Annual General Meeting.
    • The nomination will be reviewed by the board and a decision will be made to proceed or not with the nomination.
    • If the board agrees to continue with the nomination process, then a subcommittee of current Life Members will be set up to review the nomination.
    • The subcommittee will report back to the Board with an opinion on whether they feel the individual shall receive a life membership or not.
    • The Board will then have the final say to whether the nomination shall be agreed to.
    • If the board agrees, then the individual shall be put forward for nomination to the Annual General Meeting in accordance with the Rules of the Feilding Golf Club Inc (22.4).


Granting a life membership is a balancing exercise, with the following criteria being provided as a guidance. It would be expected that the nominee would have contributed in at least two of the following areas after having been a member for at least twenty years. Each nomination should be treated separately and not as a comparison to other life memberships. The nominee:

    • must have demonstrated an exceptional contribution to the Feilding Golf Club Inc, or to Manawatu Wanganui Golf, or to NZ Golf over an extended period of time which demonstrated a measurable benefit to these organisations.
    • provided outstanding service in the form of work that has been performed or undertaken that has been beneficial to the organisation involved.
    • should have been an active member of the Feilding Golf Club Inc Board or a formally constituted sub-committee of the Feilding Golf Club Inc for a period of not less than 10 years
    • may have represented the club or district in competitions for not less than 10 years
    • may have volunteered their time for a range of activities within the Feilding Golf Club Inc. over an extended period of years.  
    • may have made considerable donations to the Feilding Golf Club Inc over an extended period.


The Life Membership entitles the individual to:

    • Full membership for life without fees
    • Full access to the Golf Course and facilities
    • Recognition on the honours board


The Board of the Feilding Golf Club Incorporated will monitor and review this policy as and when required.

You can download a Life Membership Nomination Form HERE.


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