Monday Haggle – Monday 13 November (stableford)

Peter Ward37 points$9.00
Paul Roberts37 points$9.00
Geoff Shannon37 points$9.00
Mike Parker37 points$9.00
Ray Morris37 points$9.00

Women’s Closing Day Saturday 11 November & Wednesday 15 November (purple tees stableford)

Kerryn Greaves43 points$25.00
Trish White41 points$20.00
Jennie McKelvie41 points$20.00
Sharon Atkins40 points$15.00
Celina Turner40 points$15.00
Ann-Marie Jackson40 points$15.00
Christine Gardner39 points$12.00
Kate Shannon39 points$12.00
Janis Jeffers38 points$10.00
Nicki Williams38 points$10.00
Gillian Martin38 points$10.00
Jennie McKelvie4th$6.00
Aven Schroder9th$6.00
Von Walker9th$6.00
Kere Meha9th$6.00

Thurs Mixed 9 Holers – 16 November – Closing Day – Ambrose – no comp

Thurs Green Jacket – 16 November (stableford)

Ian Stevenson44 points$20.00
Terry Urquhart44$20.00
Cam MacLeod42$18.00
Gordon Smith40$15.00
Dave Burney39$12.00
Duncan Webb38$10.00
Allan Brown37$8.00
Gary Worsley37$8.00
Bill Hare37$8.00
Brian Humphrey37$8.00
Bruce Polson4th$8.00
Cam MacLeod11th$8.00
Brian Humphrey11th$8.00
Duncan Webb17th$8.00
Anjum Darr17th$8.00
Dave Burney17th$8.00
Lance Bright17th$8.00


9th Ted Shannon $8

17th Damian Walker Speights Voucher

Hidden Holes 7pts Shane Turner

Pink Ball 26pts Tim Adlam

Friday Haggle – 17 November (stableford)

John Brindle39 points$10.00
Paul Wolland38$8.00
Michael Nidd36$5.00
Mike Parker36$5.00
Paul Roberts36$5.00

Saturday 18 November – GENERAL CLOSING DAY (Foursomes net)

Mandy & Struan Jones61 net$40.00 each
Kathy Henderson & Maurice Stewart64$35.00 each
Gordon Piets & Mary McGovern65$30.00 each
Dennis Humphrey & Dave Matthews66$25.00 each
Paul Roberts & Annette Waugh68$20.00 each
Emma & Andrew Reilly68$20.00 each
Tawio Makene & Josh Logan68$20.00 each
Ethan & Jonty Ward68$20.00 each
Fulton Henry & Mark Mohekey68$20.00 each
Jess Williams & Kyle Russell68$20.00 each
Mike Lee & Klayne Leitch68$20.00 each
Sam Neilson & Fuzz Statham69$10.00 each
Rebecca & Trevor Ward69$10.00 each
Celina & Shayne Turner69$10.00 each
Sharon & Tony Boxall69$10.00 each
Steve Coogan & Brad Atkin69$10.00 each


Mike Lee2nd$20.00
Karlene Wright4th$20.00
Wayne White9th$20.00
Trevor Ward11th$20.00
David Sinclair17th$20.00

Two’s $8 each – Barbara & Dan Flanagan, Karlene Wright & Phil Engelbrecht, Cliff Lally & Kevin Smith, Tawio Makene & Josh Logan, Kere Meha & Wayne White, Rebecca & Trevor Ward, Annette Waugh & Paul Roberts, Jess Williams & Kyle Russell, Liesa & Steve Cox, Kelvin Orr & Paul Blakeley, Fulton Henry & Mark Mohekey, Mary McGovern & Gordon Piets

Sunday Haggle – 19 November (stableford)

Chevron Taniwha40 points$9.00
Theo Gambitsis38$8.00
Tawio Makene37$6.00
Josh Logan35$5.00

NTP #9 Adam Coll $10.00

Twos Che Taniwha $8.00

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