A fantastic turnout for our Xmas Cheer on Saturday with 132 members in the field!

Thanks to Reuben Macnamara who kindly donated a sleeve of Titleist Pro V1 balls to our gross winners – congratulations to Sharon Boxall who shot 87 and Justin Rasmussen who shot 71.

Xmas Hams were up for grabs on the day! For the women’s field with 43 points was Fiona Donald; Division One men was won by Kevin Clapham with 38 points, and in Division Two, with 45 points was Paul King!

A fantastic prize table meant that half the field received a prize, and if you missed out then you did still receive a chocolate!!

A big thank you to Darraghs Mitre 10 who donated a BBQ which was hotly contested in an auction – congrats to Ian Stevenson who secured the winning bid!

Also thanks to Tricklebanks 2016 Limited for sponsoring our Nearest to the Pins, and also to New World Feilding and Cafe Jacko for their ongoing support.

We were all well and truly looked after by Nicky, Grant and the E@tery 1487 team – thank you!

Congratulations to everyone on a fabulous day 😊 and wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year.

Diane Corbett2nd$15
Damian Walker4th$15
Ethan Ward11th$15
Sharon Boxall9thTricklebanks sponsored
Stu Atkins17thTricklebanks sponsored
Diane Corbett2nd$15 each
Virginia Ryan4th$15 each
Ethan Ward4th & 11th$15 each
John Mackay2nd & 17th$15 each
Damian Walker4th$15 each
Tony Boxall4th$15 each
Liam Finlayson4th$15 each
Kyle Russell4th$15 each
Bryan Healey9th$15 each
Theo Gambitsis9th$15 each
Paul Rooney9th$15 each
Kevin Clapham17th$15 each
Fuzz Statham17th$15 each
Dave Goddard17th$15 each
Tyler Larkan17th$15 each
Ray Morris17th$15 each
Stuart Atkins17th$15 each
Paul Roberts2nd$15 each
Max Kinsey4th$15 each
Ian Stevenson9th$15 each
Grant Lawton9th$15 each
Jonty Kay17th$15 each
Peter Ward17th$15 each
Kelvin Orr17th$15 each
Robert Hunter17th$15 each
Paul King17th$15 each
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