A great day on Saturday for our General Opening Day. We had 114 in the field with some pretty sharp scoring!

Congratulations to Ross I’Anson and Russell Kane who took out the win with 44 points.

🏌Shoutout also to Lance Bright and Paige Bright who paired up and scored 43 points – Paige’s first tournament! Well done 🙂

Thanks as always to Reuben and Sharon in the Golf Shop, to Nicky, Aaron and the Eatery team for looking after everyone in the Clubhouse.

Wishing everyone a great golfing season!

Russell Kane & Ross I’Anson44 points$40 each
Paige Bright & Lance Bright43 points$30 each
Judy McCrae & Dave Burney43 points$30 each
Mandy & Struan Jones42 points$25 each
Annette Waugh & Bob Gillespie41 points$20 each
Bianca Brooks & Emma Reilly41 points$20 each
Shaun Sloan & Heath Chittenden40 points$15 each
Laurie Bouwmeester & Luke Oxford40 points$15 each
Dione & Roddy McCabe40 points$15 each
Mary & Ken Smith40 points$15 each
Sharyn & Neil Anderson40 points$15 each
Virginia & Steve Ryan39 points$10 each
Margot Lupton & Ross Pratt39 points$10 each
Steve Coogan & Brad Atkin39 points$10 each
Maureen Shannon & Brent Hughes39 points$10 each
Samantha Peter & Duncan Muir39 points$10 each
Ethan Ward2nd$40
Kathy Henderson4th$40
Helen Dickins9th$40
Dave Burney11th$40
Mary Smith17th$40
Kathy Henderson & Chucky Hunter4th$20 each
Connor & Jack McCabe4th$20 each
Jess Williams & Kyle Russell9th$20 each
Sam Peter & Duncan Muir9th$20 each
Judy McCrae & Dave Burney11th$20 each
Dione & Roddy McCabe17th$20 each
Sera Raj & Madden Chittenden17th$20 each
Grant Lawton & Hamish Watson17th$20 each
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