Results for the week ending Sunday 12 June

Women – Sat 4 June & Wed 8 June (net)

Paddy Ofsoski                    72 net   $20

Jo Beijersbergen              74           $18

Rebecca Ward                   76           $15

Gaynor Ruawai                  78           $12

Gillian Martin                     81           $10

Shirley Frederickson       81           $10

Dale Bain                             81           $10

Rona Lawson-Jones        81           $10

Zara Lynch                           83           $8

Kathy Henderson             83           $8

Kate Shannon                    83           $8

Janis Jeffers                       84           $6

Sharon Boxall                     84           $6

Moira Bell                            84           $6

Helen Waugh                     84           $6

Helen Dickins                     84           $6

Marg MacLeod                  84           $6

Sharon Atkins                    84           $6

Two’s                    nil

Mixed 9 Holers – Thurs 9 June (net)

Bob Walters                       34 net   $10

Don MacBeth                    35           $6

Bob Dann                            36           $4

Thurs Green Jacket 9 June (stableford) – bad weather halted play

All entrants’ fees paid will be put forward to entry for Thurs 16 June

Friday Haggle 10 June (stableford)

No entries due to bad weather

Saturday 10 June – course closed due to bad weather

Sunday 11 June – course closed for Manawatu-Wanganui Rep Fundraiser

10 Tips for Playing Golf in the Rain

#1           Waterproof gear

If you’re a committed all-weather golfer, don’t scrimp on the waterproof gear from head to toe – good quality waterproofs are essential. Look out for things like zippered trousers bottoms, which make them easier to get on in a hurry over your shoes. Wet feet make for miserable walking, so if your shoes have done their waterproof time, invest in a new pair.

#2           Grips and spikes

There are two key points of contact in a golf swing – with the ground and with the club. If either is less than solid, your game will be compromised in the rain. Better to replace grips and spikes before they start to cost you shots rather than after.

#3           Gloves

If the rain is set in, you may well get through more than one glove, so always keep a spare somewhere dry to use when glove number one is too wet. Special rain gloves offering extra wet-weather grip have become more popular, and it’s perfectly acceptable to wear a pair of gloves.

#4           Waterproof bag/cover

There are a number of waterproof golf bags on the market now, but an easy-to-attach cape or cover will add another layer of protection to help keep things dry.

#5           Dry towel

It can be almost impossible to make a decent swing if your grips are too wet, so a supply of dry towels is highly recommended. Hanging one from the underframe of your brolly is also a good idea.

#6           A decent umbrella

Wind and rain is a tough combo to deal with for a large umbrella, so make sure your brolly boasts a good-quality, strong construction, ideally with those vents that help stop it blowing inside out in stronger gusts.

#7           Spare scorecard

If you’re playing in a competition or want to keep score, a spare scorecard kept somewhere safe and dry is a good idea in case it proves impossible to stop the original getting mushed to a pulp. Writing down your scores every few holes rather than every hole will help prevent ruin by limiting its exposure to the elements.

#8           Allow for less run

When the ground is wet, the ball won’t run as far. Obvious, we know, but this needs to be factored in to how you play. Less run off the tee may mean you can take more club on holes where you would normally hold back. Approach shots are more likely to stop quickly on landing; chips and pitches are more likely to grab; and putts will be slower, meaning they need to be hit more firmly and will therefore take less break.

#9           Hit more firmly in the rough

Wet grass will grab the club much more than normal and slow clubhead speed. So keep everything firmer than usual through impact in wet rough to stop the grass grabbing the club with assorted undesirable consequences!

#10         Accept that scoring won’t be as good

Most of us aren’t blessed with the luxury of caddies – it can still be difficult to keep everything dry enough to score well in the rain. So don’t get too despondent when you drop shots – it’s the same for everyone and others will be struggling too.

Short Game Fitting Day

Tuesday 28 June 10am-4pm

Short game not as sharp as it used to be? Or should be?? Or could be???

Ever wondered if your putter or wedges are the correct ‘fit’ for you?

Book in a time at the next Ping Fitting Day on Tuesday 28 June

and discover what best fits your technique and try out the latest

Ping Glide 4.0 wedges and the full range of the latest models of Ping putters.

Bookings essential so don’t delay: talk to the shop staff today to secure your spot!

If you are unsure as to your needs, come and talk to either Lisa, Sharon or Reuben – we are only too happy to help you out. And remember; if we don’t have it, we can most likely get it!

Good golfing!

Lisa, Sharon & Reuben

Your friendly Feilding Golf Shop team

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