Scoring this week was nearly as hot and the weather!

Results for the week ending Sunday 6 February

Women – Wed 2 Feb (stableford)

Jill Harding                         42 pts    $20

Jeanette Kinsey                38           $13

Jennie McKelvie                38           $13

Aven Schroder                  35           $6

Annette Waugh                35           $6

Mixed 9 Holers Thurs 3 Feb (net)

Don MacBeth                    29 net   $10

Stru Jones                           31           $8

Mary McGovern               32           $5

Diane Corbett                    34           $3

Gordon Piets                      34           $3

Darryl Warren                   34           $3

Thurs Green Jacket 3 Feb (stableford)

Seb Baker                            44 pts    $20

Geoff Williams                   42           $18

Roger Humphrey              41           $15

Brian Humphrey               40           $12

Terry Urquhart                  39           $10

Stu Donald                          39           $10

Rennie Young                    39           $10

Paul Turner                         39           $10

John Coleman                    39           $10

Stu Sutherland                  39           $10

Maurice Plimmer             38           $9

Danny O’Connell              37           $8

Scott Worsley                    37           $8

Garry Simpson                  37           $8

Peter Thompson              36           $6

Craig McNeill                     36           $6

Duncan Webb                   36           $6

Peter Beauchamp            36           $6

Ian Blunden                        36           $6

Damian Walker                 36           $6

Stu Atkins                            36           $6

James Humphrey             36           $6

Wayne Harding                 36           $6

NTP 9th                  Russell Kane                       $20 (HOLE IN ONE!)

NTP 11th               James Humphrey             $20

Two’s                    4th           Brian Humphrey               $10

                                17th         Seb Baker                            $10

                                17th         Bruce Gibson                     $10

                                17th         Peter Thompson              $10

Friday Haggle 4 Feb (stableford)

Greg Maraku                      42 pts    $15

Ian Measey                        40           $10

Rob Lowry                           38           $7

Kerry Williams                    37           $5

Saturday 5 Feb (mixed stableford)

Guido Beijersbergen      37 pts    $20

Grant Burrell                      37           $20

Heath Chittenden            37           $20

Tawio Makene                  36           $15 (new member, welcome Tawio!)

Kyle Russell                         35           $10

Anthony Statham             35           $10 (new member, welcome Fuzz!)

Best Gross          Tawio Makene                  75           $10

NTP 9th                  Donald Baines                                   $10

NTP 11th               Anthony Statham                             $10

Two’s                    2nd          Tawio Makene                  $10

                                4th           Stu Donald                          $10

                                17th         Grant Burrell                      $10

Sunday 6 Feb – Waitangi Day Open Tournament

Cancelled due to bad weather – a alternate version of this event was transferred to Monday 7 February to crown this year’s Seymour Salver Men’s & Women’s winners – Champions to be announced and presented with their trophies at General Opening Day prizegiving. Full results of the $10 haggle will be posted in next week’s Shop News.

Sunday 6 Feb – She Loves Golf (9 hole stableford)

not played

Sunday Haggle 6 Feb (stableford)

not played

Stock Update

We are currently experiencing delays in obtaining stock from many of our suppliers, particularly those based in Victoria, Australia. As you are all aware via the media, there has been an explosion in the number of Covid 19 cases in Australia and most notably the new Omicron variant. This has severely impacted warehouses and golf club production facilities in Melbourne.

But some good news! We have just received a shipment of Titleist Pro v1 and Pro v1x golf balls to replenish our stock in the shop – just in time for Pennant season!

New Product in Store

Just arrived: Comfort Socks…the very best in sock technology. And the best part is they are made in Levin! 80% NZ Merino wool & 20% lycra. Reinforced throughout the heel, sole and toe portions of the sock. The socks have a terry loop pile. This terry loop air cavity captures the body heat released from the body and stores it for warmth and comfort. Ankle and arch support to hold the sock in place, whilst supporting both your ankle and the arch of your foot. Specially designed “Y” heel and toe, eliminating any bulky fabric around the toe and heel areas. The outcome is a snug fitting heel and toe area.

Available in 3 different lengths in 3 unisex sizes. Come and try them out! Great price at $19.95 per pair

If you are unsure as to your needs, come and talk to either Lisa or Sharon – we are only too happy to help you out.

Good golfing!

Lisa and Sharon

Your friendly Feilding Golf Shop team

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