Welcome to the 1st edition of Shop News.

You can find us here on Facebook and on the website every Wednesday for the latest week’s shop competition results, what’s new in the shop and maybe a few tips along the way!

These results are for the optional entered shop competition only, so does not accurately reflect the results of the club competitions held on the same day (club results will continue to be posted on the club website as previous).

Please also note, as from now, all prizes will be a value credited to your name on our computer system to be spent however you wish in the shop (ie: you can grab a ball of your choice or save up your credit to purchase a larger item, it’s entirely up to you).

Results for the week ending Sunday 19 September 2021:

Wed 15 Sept/Sat 18 Sept women (Stableford)

Zara Lynch                           35 pts                    $60

Rebecca Ward                   34                           $25

Sharon Boxall                     33                           $20

Von Walker                         33                           $20

Jo Beijersbergen              31                           $15

Anne Schnell                      31                           $15

Ellen Dougherty                31                           $15

Gaynor Ruawai                  31                           $15

Kere Meha                          30                           $10

Janis Jeffers                       30                           $10

Aven Schroder                  30                           $10

Pauline Huxford                30                           $10

Jane Bolton-Riley             29                           $5

Judy McPherson               28                           $5

Kate Shannon                    28                           $5

Thursday Green Jacket 16 Sept (Stableford)

Only 10 brave souls played today, so a small prizelist…

Gordon Smith                    34                           $15

Gary Worsley                     32                           $10

Ian Blunden                        32                           $10


Tony Boxall                         4th                           $5

Gary Worsley                     17th                         $5

Shop NTP 9th                      Jeff Dickins          $10

Friday Haggle 17 Sept (Stableford)

Ray Morris                          33 pts                    $8

Don McPherson                30                           $6

Herrick Perry                      29                           $5

Piki Toa                                 29                           $5

Saturday 18 Sept (Net)

Terry Bird                            70 net                   $40

Bill Riordan                         71                           $25

Lee Welsh                           72                           $12

Heath Chittenden            72                           $12

Phil Engelbrecht               72                           $12

Dave Burney                      72                           $12

Peter Thompson              72                           $12

Jeff Dickins                          72                           $12

Bruce Gibson                     73                           $10

Trevor Gardner                 73                           $10

Paul Gavegan                    73                           $10

David Goddard                  73                           $10

Guido Beijersbergen      74                           $6

Phil Wahanui                      74                           $6

Ethan Ward                        74                           $6

Tony Boxall                         74                           $6

Ali Leamy                             74                           $6

John Shirkey                       74                           $6

NTP 9th                  Bill Riordan                         $50

NTP 17th               Guido Beijersbergen      $50


Paul Gavegan                    4th & 11th              $12

Remy Early                          2nd                          $6

Lee Welsh                           11th                         $6

Phil Wahanui                      11th                         $6

Sunday Haggle 19 Sept (Stableford)

Heath Chittenden            41 pts                    $12                        

Phil Wahanui                      38                           $9

Peter Thompson              35                           $8

John Graham                     34                           $6

Paul Gavegan                    33                           $5

Paul Rooney                       33                           $5

Trevor Ward                       33                           $5

NTP 9th                  Phil Wahanui                      $40         **HOLE IN ONE**


Ryan Rooney                     2nd & 17th                    $10

Peter Thompson              2nd                                        $5

Trevor Ward                       17th                         $5

Spotlight on Grips

Why do I need to re-grip my clubs?

A worn or slick grip on your golf club can have a major impact on your golf swing and performance. Increased grip pressure to ensure the club is secure will decrease the speed of the club head and cause a loss of distance. Worn grips may also slip in your hands, causing the club head to shift from square and result in off-centre strikes and a decrease in shot accuracy.

If you are unsure if your grips need replacing, call into the shop anytime and talk to either Lisa or Sharon: we can advise you of the current state of your grips and discuss a range of replacement options available.

If you have any ‘golfy’ questions, please don’t hesitate to ask us, we are here to help (or at least try!)

Feilding Golf Shop team: Lisa and Sharon

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