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All comp prizes from now will be a value credited to your name on our computer system to be spent on any purchases in the shop (ie: you can grab a ball of your choice or save up your credit to purchase a larger item, it’s entirely up to you). Please note: this credit can be used for product purchases only and not for the purchase of tournament/competition entry, membership or green fees.

Results for the week ending Sunday 10 October

Sat 2 Oct/Wed 6 Oct Women (Net)

Zara Lynch                        69 net                   $30

Jo Beijersbergen              73                           $22

Helen Dickins                     74                           $17

Shirley Frederickson       74                           $17

Jill Harding                          76                           $14

Kerryn Greaves                 77                           $12

Gillian Martin                     78                           $9

Anne Schnell                      78                           $9

Valma Laurent                   79                           $5

Sharon Atkins                    79                           $5

Thursday Mixed 9 Holers 7 Oct (Net)

Don MacBeth                    32 net                   $8

Ray Hall                                33                           $6

Dan Flanagan                     36                           $4

Thursday Green Jacket 7 Oct (Stableford)

Les Crate                             38 pts                    $13

Kelvin Orr                            38                           $13

Dave Burney                      37                           $8

Paul Gavegan                    37                           $8

Jason Bowles                     37                           $8

Ian Blunden                        37                           $8

Bill Riordan                         36                           $5

Stuart Donald                    36                           $5

Gordon Smith                    36                           $5


Jason Bowles                     4th                           $7

Shane Turner                     17th                         $7

Dave Burney                      17th                         $7

Shop NTP 9th                      Ian Blunden        $15

Friday Haggle 8 Oct (Stableford)

Allan Lun                              35 pts                    $12

Rob Lowry                           34                           $8

Bobby Te Mataki              33                           $6

Glen Stephens                  32                           $4

Saturday 9 Oct (Stableford)

Kerry Williams                    39 pts                    $25

Rob Lowry                           38                           $20

Guido Beijersbergen      38                           $20

Paul Wolland                      38                           $20

Keith Edmonds                  37                           $15

Anton Hughes                   36                           $12

Brandon Perry                   36                           $12

Kyle Russell                         36                           $12

Bobby Te Mataki              35                           $10

Ethan Ward                        35                           $10

Grant Lawton                     35                           $10

Les Crate                             35                           $10

Paul Boyce                          34                           $8

Liam Finlayson                  34                           $8

Ali Leamy                            34                           $8

Ross Pratt                            34                           $8

Scott Worsley                    34                           $8

Dennis Humphrey            33                           $6

Dave Burney                      33                           $6

Reuben MacNamara       33                           $6

Steve Cox                            33                           $6

Tomas Shaw                       33                           $6

Johnny Ireland                  33                           $6

NTP 9th                  Guido Beijersbergen      $50

NTP 17th               Tomas Shaw                       $50


Brian Humphrey               4th & 11th              $40

Piki Toa                                 4th                           $20

Johnny Ireland                  11th                         $20

Ross I’anson                       11th                         $20

Sunday Haggle 10 Oct (Stableford)

Wayne White                     38 pts                    $18

Wayne Richards                                37                           $11

Bobby Te Mataki              34                           $8

Gary Melton                       34                           $8

Lee Welsh                           33                           $5

Damian Walker                 33                           $5

Kyle Russell                         33                           $5

NTP 9th                  Stu Donald                          $15


Rob Lowry                           17th                         $10

She Loves Golf Sunday 10 Oct (Stableford)

Jo Hawkings                       16 pts                    $10

Ricelle Ebert                       15                           $5

Jill Shirkey                           14                           $3


True Links Golf ShoesORIGINAL SERIES

The shoe that started a revolution. All TRUE Originals deliver a distinctive minimalist fit, wide toe box and zero drop experience. Naturally enhancing comfort and engineered for walking, they will become your go-to shoe for 36 hole days. Generating more surface contact than any golf shoe in history, the TRUE Original will keep you connected to the earth with ideal balance and traction. Walk and feel the course like you’ve never felt before with a flexible, ergonomically designed sole that eliminates all inhibitions between you and the turf. The 2-year waterproof guarantee, premium leather, sock fit opening and extreme durability rubber tread are just a few of the reasons once you go TRUE Original, you don’t go back. Priced at $289.95

Which Golf Ball is best for me?

The ultimate 3-step plan to choosing the right golf ball for your game


The Core — The epicenter of the ball that makes things go. Its importance cannot be overstated.

Why it’s needed: It’s the engine that drives speed, velocity and performance. Without a core, the ball isn’t going anywhere. It should come as no surprise that the core takes up the most space underneath the cover.

How it works: Energy retention is the name of the game. Once the club makes impact with the ball, it rockets off the face with 100 percent of its energy. However, when the ball is airborne, some of the initial energy is lost. A well-designed core will help the ball retain as much energy as possible—hopefully 80 percent—to ensure it flies through the air with the right amount of speed, spin and launch.

Materials: A slug of uncured or lightly cured polybutadiene rubber is compression-molded into a sphere. Different grades of rubber are typically used in a core to give it certain speed or spin characteristics.

The Mantle — Sandwiched between the core and cover, it helps fine-tune spin and distance.

Why it’s needed: It seals the ball so moisture can’t enter the core through the porous cover. Depending on the number of mantles being used, performance characteristics can also be adjusted for different parts of the bag.

How it works: Based on the thickness of the firm mantle layer, spin can be adjusted up or down. It also helps keep ball speed (energy retention) up after impact without having to go to a harder cover and sacrifice spin. It’s a turbobooster for the ball.

Materials: A blend of different ionomer materials to get the exact hardness and speed characteristics.

Individual materials matter, but it’s how the pieces interact that’s important.

The Cover — Influences two important aspects of ball performance: spin and aerodynamics.

Why it’s needed: It encases the core and mantle. More importantly, it’s the layer that helps impart spin on the ball while also housing the all-important dimple pattern that disrupts the flow of air to keep your pellet airborne.

How it works: Depending on the firmness of the material, it can impact distance and/or spin. At lower impacts (deft chips), wedge grooves can easily grip the supple cover to generate enough spin to stop the ball on a dime.

Materials: Urethane is the polymer most commonly found in premium multi-layer balls. A firmer surlyn is typically used on distance balls for golfers who don’t mind giving up some feel and spin for a few more yards off the tee.


What Do You Want?

The eternal question. As it relates to golf balls, the answer involves understanding the four general performance categories, namely:

Premium: Tour-level balls (at premium prices) that deliver distance off the tee, greenside spin and control in one package.

Premium Value: Offers some of the same technology as a premium ball (urethane cover and mantle layer) but at a lower price.

Soft Spin Value: Geared for moderate speed golfers who place an emphasis on greenside spin and soft feel.

Distance Value: Firmer option designed for the golfer who wants to pick up distance throughout the bag.

How Much Can You Spend?

If money isn’t a concern and you require the best of all worlds, you’re a Premium player. Case closed.

Premium Value: I don’t want to break the bank, but I want the best my game deserves.

Soft Spin Value: My speed isn’t what it was—I get that. I’ll score lower with a better short game.

Distance Value: Give me distance, whatever it takes.

Narrow the Field

You’ve chosen a performance category. Now ask yourself the following:

Around the green, do I like running shots or ones that check? With irons, do I prize distance or consistency more? Do I care more about distance or accuracy with my driver? How do I want my golf ball to feel, firmer or softer?

General rules of thumb…

15+ Handicap: Look for a ball that tends to fly straight and offers forgiveness on mishits. Distance is likely the top priority; spin help is often needed to generate enough stopping power.

5–15 Handicap: Look to maximize distance through the bag. Most players in this subset benefit from higher-launching iron shots; the other emphasis should be on the ability to hit a variety of short-game shots.

5 Handicap and Better: Look for a model that’s producing the right spin window off the tee and provides ample control with the scoring clubs. Generally, you’re already impacting enough spin on the ball. Spin rates and feel are key for these better sticks.

If you have any ‘golfy’ questions, please don’t hesitate to ask us, we are here to help (or at least try!)

Feilding Golf Shop team: Lisa and Sharon

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