We had 88 players in the field for our Annual Arohanui Hospice fundraising tournament held over the Easter weekend.
A big thanks to Clare Randall who came over to present the prizes to our winners.

Congratulations to Ryan Rooney who won the Phil Hutana Memorial Jug with a net 66, and Rachel Rowe who won the Phil Hutana Memorial Salver also with a net 66!

Thanks to everyone who came along to support the tournament – the Hospice helps so many in our community, and they do rely heavily on fundraising to be able to do the work they do. 
We will be donating almost $2500 to the hospice thanks to this tournament, so thanks again to everyone for supporting.

Ryan Rooney66$150Rachel Rowe66$150
Ross Edwards66$100Jane Bolton-Riley68$100
Phil Engelbrecht67$80Ricelle Ebert69$80
Best Gross
Justin Rasmussen73$80Lisa Herbert75$80
Thomas James39 points$50Emma Reilly40 points$50
Robert Hunter38 points$40Karlene Wright38 points$40
Tim Adlam38 points$40Gaynor Ruawai38 points$40
Stuart Atkins38 points$40Natasha Thornton38 points$40
Damian Walker37 points$30Christine Gardner37 points$30
Andrew Reilly37 points$30Margaret Brislane36 points$25
Jeremy Turner37 points$30Virginia Ryan35 points$20
Peter Hunter36 points$25Rachel Shannon35 points$20
Gary Worsley36 points$25
Johnny Robert35 points$20
Aaron Boyd35 points$20
Dave Goddard35 points$20
Steve Ryan35 points$20
Ali Leamy35 points$20
John Coleman35 points$20
Paul Gavegan35 points$20
Steve Cox35 points$20
Carl Davidson35 points$20
Ross Edwards2ndLisa Herbert4th, 9th$10 each
Carl Davidson4thRosemary Blunden2nd$10
Diego Coleman9thJane Bolton-Riley9th$10
Ryan Rooney9thJess Williams17th$10
Trevor Gardner9th
Ted Shannon11th
Paul Gavegan11th
Stuart Atkins11th
Gary Worsley11th
Duncan Muir17th
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